Muriel is a physiotherapist, loves nature and all kinds of board sports.

She is co-founder and managing part of our small brand. The first MAMU board was initiated by her wish to own a longboard, which caused the whole madness and (still flowing) inspiration. With her planning and perfectionism, she has an eye on everything happening. She is the dreamer of the team and crazy about wood.


Co-founder Matti is an aspiring artist, living in Switzerland. His passion goes for all sports, nature and art.

He made the first ideas happen with his construction skills. With all his knowledge and skills he overviews the work with the big tools and helps when needed. While Muriel takes over the dreaming part, Matti brings ideas back to ground and makes them more realistic.

He's our artsy-fartsy-guy. He designed the MAMU logo, stickers and much more.



Another arts-fartsy-guy is Flurin. He grew up with art and has been painting walls for years. He has been a part of MAMU since 2017. Using his mad, media business skills, he taught us about art, sales and trees, and is the mastermind behind the infamous MAMU-pimpwagon.  Currently, he’s working with Matti on a project called ArtGrid, to see what that’s all about, check out the link below. His personal work and can be found on his website.


We got to know Leandra right when we were planning our first longboard, so she has been a part of the MAMU-Family early on. She is the pusher and spreader of positive vibes. With her sense of style, she helps to design and create various MAMU accessories.

You see her on all kinds of boards, but snowboards are her happy place.

Friends of MAMU

Working, learning, spreading creativity and skating with as many friends as possible is our main goal. There are so many good people surrounding us and motivating us to try new things and take risks. This is what keeps us going!